De Puta Madre presents its unique and one of kind sportswear range. A sports range the like of which you may have never seen before. A sport range that has been embedded with provocative styles and captures the true essence of athletic punk. The international sportswear of De Puta Madre is something that gets noticed on the first look and makes a statement, then and there, on the spot.

With a variety of sportswear items in the whole range, De Puta Madre presents its cutting edge designs made of high-quality fabric with detailed finishing. De Puta Madre can proudly boast on the claim of being Europe’s fastest-growing sportswear label.


Understanding the needs of our unique customers, we came to the decision of expanding our range and introduce new variety that mixes really well with our pre-existing rebel styled fashion and daily wear. Just like De Puta Madre 69, De Puta Madre Sportswear is a label for the marginalized society, for tattoo lovers, freaks, punks, superstars and those who want to be themselves. Just because you are a rebel doesn’t mean you don’t get to choose whatever you can wear. Black, black, black, nobody tells a rebel punk what and what not to wear.


The clothing material is top class ranging from uppers/hoodies to lowers/sweatpants, whole sweatsuits, exercise wear, printed and stitched with high-quality material. The sportswear collection is designed with a few things in mind, primarily comfort and style. Secondly, not to compromise what we originally stand for, and lastly, to cater to the class that stands apart from the social and cultural norms.

The range of De Puta Madre 69 Sportswear hosts uniquely designed and printed clothing items that are available in different colours, designs, and sizes. Each item is made unique and high categorized with the traditional and customary slogans and slangs, making them unique while still categorizing as the products of De Puta Madre clothing range.


Founded by 2 Bothers from the SouthItalians underground  during his time in prison, the collection hosts the element of rebel and uniqueness while also giving off a sense of uniqueness and power. As complex as that may be to describe, the whole concept is testified by the ever-growing popularity of De Puta Madre 69 in the whole of Europe. The sportswear possesses the traditional essence of being provocative, offensive and rebellious. The slurs and cuss words are present ever so popular and in big, bolded fashion. The 2 Brothers wants this generation to feel absolutely gangsta while refraining from those activities that may endanger their lives, health or affect their careers.


De Puta Madre 69 sportswear guarantee style, fashion, and comfort without sacrificing the true essence of being a punk. Available in separate ranges for men and women, these are one of kind sportswear that is a fashion and a character statement. If you want to look bold, provocative, empowered, and just the way you want, then this is the right clothing collection just for you.

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